Monday, August 25, 2008

AUgust in New York

Usually August in NY is something to be dreaded. The heat index often goes above 100 degrees with the subway stations even hotter. I also have had my schedule packed in past years with shows and trunk shows. So, the month is packed with panicked preparation, long drives, sleep deprivation and long hours spent indoors selling.

This summer, I decided to forgo the shows. Part of the reason was that I had exhausted myself making work for gallery shows in July. I also felt that with the current economy, it was a time to hang back rather than keep pushing. I have been of the opinion lately that it is better to gather my energies for future opportunities.

So, with this decision and the relatively light workload in the studio, I had more free time. Then, I got the best gift of all, which was incredibly non-humid, comfortable August. I couldn't have been in a better mood in this month. I biked around the city, met some friends, went to some performances, stayed up until 2am watching movies. Since I usually work 7 days a week, I guess you could say that I packed many weekends into one month.

I am off to the midwest this week to see my friends and family. I will be going to the show at the Kohler Center on August 28th. My mother has rounded up a number of people to go and be my fan club that day.

I get back on the 3rd and then....let the work begin. I will move into preparation for the Philly Museum show in November.

Enjoy the last few days of this month!