Friday, September 19, 2008


I joined Facebook last year. At first I didn't utilize it much. However, I have been seeing a large increase in the number of people I know who have signed up on facebook, and not only that, they are using it to share so many things. Yesterday, I set up a fansite for my business. Go have a look, and if you are a Facebook member, sign up to be a fan. I am not sure how I will use it to best share information, but it should be fun. Possible a photo essay on my favorite tools. I also have an old tv clip of me that I would like to share.

Thanks for being a fan!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Museum of Art and Design

Later this month, the Museum of Art and Design opens it's doors, with a completely renovated building, right on the southwest corner of Central Park. As many may know, it was previously called the American Craft Museum. Even without the word craft in the name, it is still a museum that focuses on works made in the various craft mediums.

An exciting part of the new museum is that it will contain it's own jewelry wing. With the general lack of contemporary jewelry being shown in museums and galleries around NYC, this will be a great addition for the field.

In addition, I recently read that the museum received a donation of 800 pieces of jewelry collected from around the world by collectors Daniel and Serga Nadler. That will be great addition, as the jewelry pieces from "countries including China, Egypt, India, Mexico and Myanmar", will help contextualize the entire culture of human adornment.

Congratulations to the museum for this bequest!