Monday, January 19, 2009


These days, I am feeling that the zeitgeist is community. Whether it is my neighborhood or my country, or my small field of art jewelers, I am tapping into a broad feeling that many of the superficials are being stripped away, leaving us looking straight at each other. I admit I am a bit terrified of what will happen in the next year or two. However, when I spend time with other people. I feel that if we can all get together, we can face whatever challenges that emerge.

I spent today, the National Day of Service, helping a spirited entrepreneur with her side project. She helps battered women furnish themselves with housewares and clothes after leaving shelters, giving them sewing skills along the way. I think that this has a strong connection for me. As a craftsperson, I understand that working with the hands can provide mental comfort, and the finished work can provide a sense of accomplishment.

I am also planning a community focused on art jewelry. However, that one is still a germinating seed, so I will keep it under wraps for now.

Happy Inauguaration Day and Happy 2009!