Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Out on the Web, on my Hand

Today I was e-mailed by Marta in Barcelona. She writes a blog in Spanish about contemporary jewelry. I have never come across most of the artists that she is featuring. While looking at her site, I discovered a link to a great site called The Carrotbox All rings, almost every day! I love the idea and I admire the blogging discipline. Again, many new (to me), artists mixed in with the ones that I have encountered in the US.

I have also begun to collect rings by other jewelers. So far I have an Ananda Khalsa,
(This is a miniature painting under hand ground glass, set in silver)

two by Dahlia Kanner,
(Textured silver rings with blackened details)
and another by Todd Reed.

(Silver and 18K ring set with rough diamond cubes. Todd's signature material)

I would like to get a ring by my good friend Deborah Harrison Miller soon. This is the one I have in mind:

(18K ring with diamond accents and a mint green tourmaline)

The best thing about having a ring collection is that I can enjoy looking at the rings on my own hand.


masaoms said...

Thanks for the post!! kisses from Barcelona!!

jenny vorwaller said...

wow - you already have an amazing ring collection. lovely!