Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bracelet Show

Wrought Inlay Bracelet
blackened sterling silver

Last week, I sent off some bracelets for a show at 3rd Ward Jewelry. They were one of the first galleries to represent me, so I was delighted to be able to make some special things for the show. This bracelet was the product of a late night right before I had to send the pieces off. No matter how much I try, everything comes together in the last minute for me. However, like this bracelet, sometimes it is the pressure and the lack of over thinking that can push me in new directions. I really love this new direction and I wasn't really ready to send it off yet. It is important to spend time with new pieces before they leave my studio.

This week, I am pushing myself very hard to get together a great group of works for a show at the Kohler Arts Center. This show is called "A Flourish of Gold". Obviously, with a title like this, my work is quite a prominent feature of the show.

I am really enjoying the process of making this new work, but I have to admit, I have some sore arms and hands right now!


Valerie A. Heck said...

The Flourish of Gold Exhibit looks really exciting! I love your new bracelet!
Valerie Heck

Taryn Koekemoer said...

Hi there! I been to your websit and now you blog. Love your work, think its stunning yet elegant, The patterens and textures you use are amazing.