Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Artist citizen

A couple of things that I came across this week were relevant to the cross roads of politics and arts that I now find myself at. I am preparing for the Philadelphia Museum show night and day. However, I also am glues to the political news.

One item of interest was an article in American Style magazine that mentioned the NEA report on artists as professionals. There are twice as many working artists (including dancers, writers, architects and and many others), than there are lawyers. We number 2.2 million. Not an insubstantial number. See the report here: www.arts.gov

I also heard this conversation on my favorite radio station. It is from a series called 30 issues in 30 days. Finally, A serious conversation about the candidates and the arts! Listen to it here. Not, mind you, that I was undecided, but I always like to sink my teeth into conversations about art in society.


Kate said...

I heard this too when it aired and was so happy to hear this discussed on the radio! It is not talked about nearly enough.

Mary Anne Davis said...

thx for the tips. Hope Philly was success for you.