Monday, April 13, 2009

Off to Bali

It seems as though there has not been that much going on in my jewelry life lately. It is true that it has been squeezed in, between all of the preparation for my trip to Bali. I wil be departing in a few hours. I would like to share some of the jewelry making techniques there, although that will depend on how easy it is to download and post photos from an internet cafe there.

I do have a workshop planned for early June that will draw on some material that I collect in Bali. It will be in early June at the Newark Museum. The focus will be on filigree, which I have been using extensively in my latest work, and is also a highly developed technique in Bali.

While I am gone, there are some interesting, annual events going on here on the east coast.


Smithsonian Craft Show

In the meantime, I definitely learned two Indonesian words:
perak- silver
emas- gold

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