Friday, July 07, 2006

Idea Incubation

It seems as if some ideas need an exceptionally long time to incubate before being realized. Last year, in the early spring, I had purchased a set of paisley shaped peridot. Slightly different sizes and shades of green. Since the shape is so close to the pear-shape that I generally use, I thought that these would be appropriate for a one-of a-kind piece that complements the rest of my line. Over a year later, I have finally finished the necklace. It is hand-forged silver with 22k gold bezels.

The original idea for the piece has been in my sketchbook for nearly a year as well. I spent some time being hung up on the idea that the necklace needed to be made entirely in 18K to complement such a special set of stones. Well, I think I would have been waiting for quite a number of years waiting for the budget for that amount of gold to appear.

I had even made a clay model, but for some reason I was yet to put hammer to metal. Eventually, the clay model had to be put away to make room for other projects.

Two weeks ago, with a photo deadline approaching, I made the decisive step of forging the first link. I was easily able to slip into the state of creative meditation known as flow, and the necklace came together in an elegant and simple way.

Photos to come next Tuesday!

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