Thursday, July 13, 2006

New Image, New Work

This necklace is the aforementioned piece that took over a year of incubating in my mind to become reality. It is a version of my curling motif which has become more bold and minimal. The curls were forged out of thick rod and the pieces are joined by very simple wire connectors that have been balled up at the end.

Sometimes I allow myself to be hung up on the mechanisms of a piece. My sketchbook is filled with elaborate drawings of mechanisms that are beyond complicated. I usually find, however, that once I start the project and the pieces are actually laid out before me, the solution can suggest itself. Simple is always better, as in this necklace.

These photos are by Ron Boszko. We spent a day last week photographing some of my special pieces at his studio in Manhattan and I am very excited by the results.

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