Wednesday, November 07, 2007

47th st

NY Diamond District

Here is a little window in to the New York jewelry world, mixed in with a story of economics. wished that they had more audio of the "we buy gold diamonds", guys.

I do shop in the NY jewelry district, although I use diamonds infrequently. There are also colored stone dealers, stone cutters, precious metal dealers, engravers, appraisers, stone setters, casters. You could pretty much make a whole jewelry line come into being by just shuffling from one specialist to another. Oh, and make sure to bring along a lot of money too.

I sometimes love the jewelry district for it's old fashioned way of business, but it is also such a hustle and before the holidays, it can be a hockey match, with everyone pushing each other out of the way...time is money after all.

After time, one can develop friendly relationships with people on the street and it can be pleasure to see them from time to time. However, when I first went to the district, it was a very intimidating place. People asked me if I was a student, and right off the bat, I knew they didn't take me seriously. I have since learned to have a poker face when something is far more expensive than I expected, pretending that it just doesn't quite suit my needs rather than exclaiming that I couldn't possibly buy something that expensive.

I would say that an out of towner that decides to buy an engagement ring from the diamond district is either very brave...or very foolish.

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Samantha said...

I found your blog in an effort to locate a great, reliable, stone setter. I am a designer in Denver Colorado. I've never been to the jewelry district in New York which makes it difficult to know which setters are good and which leave something to be desired. I was hoping you might be able to point me in the direction of someone fabulous. I need them to be able to flush and pave set. Thanks