Monday, November 12, 2007

New Brocade Pieces

Before getting these pieces into a box on their way to Langman Gallery, I spent a few rushed minutes taking photos.... which would explain why they aren't as clear as they should be. I was short on time, and by the time I was done with the photo shoot, it was already 7:15. I got on my bike in hopes of finding a lingering UPS truck in my neighborhood. No luck. I pedaled towards the Brooklyn Bridge on my way to the UPS depot in Manhattan, but realized that I would probably pass out from hunger if I tried to ride all the way to the west side and back. Luckily, as I turned back to home, regretting that I was not going to make the deadline, I saw one of our wonderful Brooklyn UPS drivers of Jamaican descent, getting his meat pie fix at the Golden Krust bakery.

Is this post off topic or what? No, actually, my point here is that it seems that I spend a large part of my day packing things up in boxes, getting the papers in order, and rushing to get it on the truck in time. When do I have time to make jewelry? Sometimes I wonder myself. But, here they are, in all of their handmade glory.

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masaoms said...

Really beautiful!!